Our faculty, which was established in 2008, has been contributing to agriculture education and education with the departments of Horticulture, Plant Protection, Biosystem Engineering, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agricultural Economics, Field Crops, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition and Animal Science, and its graduates work in the public and private sectors for 11 years. Our faculty has a total of 60 academic staffs, 41 faculty members, 19 research assistants besides these 12 classrooms, 11 laboratories, 1 conference hall, 1 seminar hall. In addition, there is a Central laboratory, Farmer Training Center, Fruit Growing Application and Research Center and Agricultural Application and Research Center, which provides application support to agriculture education and training. Our faculty is neighboring 3 countries in the Eastern Anatolian Region and continues its activities in the fertile lands of Iğdır, which is located on the foothills of the highest mountain of our country, called “Çukurova of Eastern Anatolia” where almost all agricultural products are grown except citrus and olives.


                Our faculty has adopted the principle to contribute to country agriculture and science with its experienced academic staff and  graduates who can compete at national and international level. Our goal is to support efficient, diverse and sustainable agriculture and thus secure the livelihood of future generations. Diplomas obtained as a result of the quality education given in our faculty have international validity. I believe that you, as an Agricultural Engineer and a beneficial individual to our country, will be successful both nationally and internationally. I wish you all health and happiness and success in your education life.   


Prof. Dr. Hasan BAL